why does my dog suck on his toys

As a pet parent, several things need your attention. A single negligence can cost badly.   I have been asked multiple times why does my dog suck his toys? In this article, I am going to tell you all the reasons behind this weird habit and ways through which you can eliminate it without agitating your dogs. Before starting this article, I want to add a disclaimer that all dogs are different just like us humans therefore some might get trained easily while others might give you a tough time. Therefore, do what your dog loves more and opt for ways through which your dog collaborates.

Signs of anxiety:

why does my dog suck on his toys

The first and foremost signs of anxiousness in dogs is chewing toys, wagging the tail, and digging holes in the backyard. I believe that you would get the hint when your dog is uneasy or showing some signs of an anxiety attack. According to the doctors, sucking on toys is a form of soothing in canines. The habit is prominent in the puppy stage of the dog. However, as the dog grows up anxiety may also preside. The reason is also applicable to questions about why my dog chews her toys on me and why my puppy hump his toys.

Longing for Mama:

Puppies show their need for mama through various acts including sucking on his toy. If a puppy parts ways from its mama at a very young life, it shows frustration in several ways including biting things whining, and wheezing. The same answer applies to other questions like why does my dog nurse on toys and why does my dog leave his toys in my room.

A way to get calm.

Sucking a toy brings calmness to dogs. The act with any toy usually begins at a young age and gets carried on as the dog matures. This pacifying act brings serenity and contentment to the four-legged and elevates the sadness. So, next time you see your tiny bundle of joy sucking a toy just know it’s their time for relaxation and joy.

Dental Issues:

Dental issues can be the leading cause of this habit.  There can be many dental issues that make a dog suck his toys. The dog resort to chewing and sucking stuff to alleviate the pain and discomfort of oral diseases. The behavior is like teething in puppies. If you find your dog constantly sucking on his toys along with other signs, contact the veterinarian right away and find the cure as soon as possible.

why does my dog suck on his toys? Canine-compulsive disorder

The canine-compulsive disorder is an illness where dogs are indulged in repetitive and compulsive behavior. The habits may include chewing, licking, digging, and sucking different objects. Many factors can stimulate such issues as depression and anxiety. The repetitive act is like a coping mechanism for canines for any trouble in life. On the other hand, if this habit becomes an obsession for your dog without any logical reason, call your vet right away so that the possible solution can be evaluated. For all those who ask why my dog squeaks his toys on me, thee CCD is a definite answer.

why does my dog suck on his toys? Ways to stop the dogs from this habit:

why does my dog suck on his toys

Replace toys with treats:

The best way to stop excessive sucking is to replace the toy with a treat. Make sure that the transition is slow and repetitive so that your dog does not find it difficult to opt. treats are positive reinforcement for your four-legged friend and a great distraction from a wanted habit. Choose healthy, size-appropriate, and indulging treat options for your dog so that both his sense of smell and taste can be intrigued. This method also creates an opportunity for your hound to strengthen positive behavior and less playtime.

Major distractions:

why does my dog suck on his toys

To avoid this habit, another good tip is major distractions for your doggo. Find interactive games like hide and seek, fetching, and three cups as these activities can actively stimulate the canine’s mind and body and keep them occupied in a fun way. If your four-legged friend chews or suck toys out of boredom, this might be the perfect resort for eliminating the problem once and for all.

Stimulating activities:

Unlike cats, dogs love to be indulged in playful activities as this helps them set a good boy reputation in front of their best friend in the entire world. This can involve interactive toy puzzles that challenge their problem-solving skills. Additionally, regular training sessions, which can incorporate new tricks or obedience commands, provide good mental stimulation. For more physical activity, consider setting up a simple agility course. This can provide both mental engagement and physical exercise, helping curb habitual toy-sucking.

Consult a specialist.

why does my dog suck on his toys

If attempts to curb your dog’s excessive toy-sucking behavior aren’t successful, it may be crucial to consult a specialist. Veterinary behaviorists or professional dog trainers have the expertise to understand and address such behaviors effectively. They can provide insights into your dog’s needs and offer tailored strategies to modify the behavior. They can also rule out or identify any underlying health issues that may be contributing to the behavior. Therefore, professional guidance not only ensures an accurate understanding of the problem but also assures the health and well-being of your dog.


why does my dog suck on his toys? Dogs are the most loving and faithful companion for human beings> however just like us, they can also go through vulnerable, sad, depressed, and anxious phases in life. In challenging times like these your canine might comfort in questionable activities including sucking on their favorite toys. here I have shared with you some common reasons behind this habit along with the ways to deal with the problem. There is no way you can give up on your canine friend so implementing these habits timely can make a major difference. I hope you have found your answer in this article. That is all folks! I will meet you all in the next article.

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