Why does my dog hump other dogs' faces?

Dogs are naughty by nature. Therefore, you can expect all kinds of behavior from your four-legged friends. Where cats are shy and contained to themselves, dogs are more expressive and loving. Sometimes, the canines forget the boundaries in affection and expressway too much in a situation. Today, I will answer a commonly asked question: why does my dog hump other dogs’ faces?’. Keep reading and learn why your dog is acting weirdly suddenly.

Mounting or humping, though, seems a sexual act, but it is usually not the case. Mounting is a part of a dog’s instinct. However, some dogs also learn it from other fellows. Moreover, it is completely normal behavior. There can be several reasons why a dog humps apart from the sexual ones. For instance, a dog can hump another dog to depict dominance among the pack. Some dogs hump other dogs as a signal to back off. Other reasons include playfulness, developmental stage, compulsive disorder, excitement, seeking attention from owners, etc.

The Science behind dog humping:

Science back up the humping behavior of dogs with its explanations, even though mounting can be very embarrassing for dog owners. For instance, when the dogs face hormonal imbalance, the mounting behavior surge as it is their body’s way of showing abnormality. Usually, the hormonal drive lets dogs hump objects like mounting a pillow or a toy. Dogs sometimes hump their toys with no hidden motive or meaning in sheer excitement. It is fairly acceptable behavior until a human or another dog is not affected by it. There are several ways you can tackle the mounting issue in your hound. We will discuss how to stop your dog from humping later in the article. Remember that a positive and patient approach by the pet parent is a must when it comes to tackling unnecessary humping in a dog.

Reasons why your dog humps other dog’s faces

On the one hand, dogs are extremely loving creatures of God. On the other hand, they can be a handful and do the most absurd things. Humping is one of these naughty acts that put a pet parent in a humiliating state. Sometimes you can also notice that your dog would start humping another dog’s face out of nowhere. Here are 6 reasons why a dog mounts the face of another canine.


Dominance is a key factor in why dogs hump other pets’ faces. When a dog comes into contact with another dog, it gets scared, thinking the new dog will take its place and become the central point of the owner’s world. This fear let the canine hump the face of another dog. Usually, poorly trained dogs are the most scared and act insecure in front of other dogs. On the other hand, when the dog is properly trained, and the pet parent gives proper time to the canine, the dogs are less agitated and does not show insecurity when coming across another member of the specie. Usually, dogs who live with other pets or dogs in a household with dogs are more submissive and do show dominance factors when another hound pass by.


Like humans, dogs can also get irritated when interacting with other hounds. Several factors can cause irritability in dogs, like being bored, frustrated, depressed, and scared. Moreover, do not like changes and might get extremely anxious when things are done out of routine. In this case, irritability is inevitable in canines. Your dog will mount objects and other dogs nearby when feeling irritated over a matter. As an owner, it is your responsibility to keep the dog entertained and busy throughout the day; otherwise, they can get overexcited and hyper within minutes.

Sexual behavior:

Humping or mounting is commonly associated with sex acts in dogs. Usually, an aroused dog will hump fellow pounds are any nearby object. This phenomenon is common in adult dogs closer to the mating age. Both males and females mount to channel out their sexual energy. Dogs can get extremely energized at times, making it hard to use their energy. In this case, mounting is a form to release the tension building up inside them. In other words, humping is like masturbation for dogs; it is inevitable. Spayed and neutered dogs, on the other hand, do not hump as often.


Even though dogs are the happiest living being alive, they can get anxious. Anxiety in dogs leads to arousal; therefore, dogs find comfort in extreme actions. One of these actions is humping continually. Dog owners get extremely uncomfortable when a dog is mounting at inappropriate times. Many other signs are associated with anxiety, like chewing things, digging in the backyard, howling, and self-harm. Keep a close eye on your four-legged friend for the signs of anxiety because humping may or may not be associated with anxiety. Apart from training, a visit to a veterinarian in case of anxiousness is also advised.

Feel good:

You might not believe it, but some dogs love to hump because it makes them feel good. Dogs hump to enjoy life and moments, and it’s their way to cherish good times. This fact makes the dogs completely weird, but what can we say? Canines have unique nature. Always keep your dogs insight because you should know all about the canine’s activity. As long as your dog’s action harms no one and it is in good health, let the dog have the time of its life with silly actions. On the other hand, you should draw a line between what is allowed and what is not allowed so that the canines do not get overboard.


Canines’ despite their size and breed, are playful. There are several gestures through which a dog shows its playful nature. Humping is one of those acts. All mammals, including dogs, play and mix up a couple of behavior in a new sequence. Such acts have useful roots. For instance, chasing, stalking, or pouncing are excellent hunting behavior; wrestling and mouthing are good fighting acts.

Similarly, humping is sexual behavior. When dogs play, it gives them a chance to learn all skills that increase their survival. Eventually, a dog’s age needs to use all of the aforementioned behaviors in life.

How to stop my dog from mounting other dogs’ faces?

With proper training and patience, you can stop the dog from mounting. However, each dog is different, so it takes trial and error to teach your dog to stop humping inappropriately. Although humping is associated with reasons, it can still be dangerous for your dogs in different situations. Here are a few ways you can stop your dog from humping unnecessarily:

Catch your dog in the act:

Why does my dog hump other dogs' faces?

Why does my dog hump other dogs’ faces? Catch the dog when it humps, as this will stop the action when it is happening. Never use the word ‘No’ as it offers a negative impact on the dog; always use ‘Stop’ or ‘off’ as it will immediately create an impact on your pet. Dogs are very sensitive when it comes to vocal commands; therefore, always use a strong word that impacts the actions of a canine.

Go to a vet:

Therapy from a certified Vet is a must when it comes to mounting. Let the dog get checked so that serious illnesses or issues related to the mounting can be ruled out before time. The vest also trains the dog.


Why does my dog hump other dogs’ faces? If your dog is improperly trained, it will hump in awkward and unwanted situations. Therefore, it’s your right to train your pooch at a young age so that actions like mounting can be avoided when it grows up. Give rewards to the dogs when it shows positive behavior and avoids humping.

Spay or neuter

When a male dog is not sexually altered, it shows wild behavior like humping. Visit a doctor and spay or neuter your adult dog be it female or male. This will stop the dog from showing sexual arousal.

Why does my spayed female dog hump my other dog’s face?

Spaying doesn’t generally does not have any impact on the humping of a dog. Therefore, if you have already spayed the dog, it will still hump, female.

Why does my dog hump every dog he meets?

As mentioned before, humping is a sign of dominance among the pack. If your dog every dog it sees, it means the canine is asking the other dog to back off. This is my territory, and you are not allowed. The canine will leave the habit after behavior training.


Why does my dog hump other dogs’ faces? Humping is an instinct in dogs. Dogs belonging to all age groups and breeds mount or hump other dogs and objects. Usually, dogs mount out of arousal. However, there are many other underlying reasons behind this behavior. Apart from sexual arousal, dogs also hump other dogs to show dominance and mark territory. Train the dog thoroughly and take them to therapies to avoid the behavior. Besides that, anxiety is another reason behind dog humping. Talk to a professional trainer if the behavior continues.

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