Dogs are well-loved by the pet parents. Their mischievous acts and love-filled eyes can melt the heart of even the ruthless man alive. Although dogs are fairly easy to keep but have you wondered ‘why is my dog ignoring me all of a sudden? or ‘my dog doesn’t want me around anymore’ if yes, then the following are potential factors behind your dog’s distant behavior. play close attention to your pooch and rule out any of the following reasons. If your four-legged friend constantly shows signs of distance, consult the vet as soon as possible.

Medical issues like a disease:

Diseases like ear infections are mostly the common culprit behind your raising questions like why does my dog suddenly not want to be around me. Most dogs are loving creatures who are unconditionally affectionate towards their owners. Still, issues like underlying diseases and ear ailments can cause distance. Meanwhile, your dog will eat less, poop less, moan and show all physical symptoms that indicate declining health.

You look different than usual:

Although the fact may sound absurd, dogs notice when the parents look different than usual if you wonder why is my dog staying away from me, chances are you have made drastic changes in your looks. For instance, if you have cut your beard or changed your dressing style, your canine will run far away from you. Besides that, the dog will also show all signs of anxiety. Always introduce personality changes with baby steps so that your doggo will not start stressing. Besides that, if your dog has come from an abusive family, they can sense feature similarities and might show signs of stress in this case.

Your furry friend might be holding a grudge against you:

Both cats and dogs are good at holding grudges even though their personalities are butt opposite from e each other. Upon mistreatment and yelling, both canines and felines tend to an old grudge against their owners making them wonder why is my dog staying away from me. The dogs will start ignoring you suddenly and do not respond when you will call them or give them commands. According to research, dogs have a high emotional capacity making them feel negative feelings when someone has done the dog wrong. Dogs are sensitive by nature. Avoid shouting and talking in a loud sound in front of your dog as it can educate them and make them hold a grudge against you. I know that, at times, punishment is the only solution for the wrongdoings of canines but do not make it a practice. The rule is especially applicable to the dogs who are gone through abuse as they would develop PTSD over time.

Your dog is getting old:

As the dog gets old, its ability to respond to the command gets weaker. Moreover, as dog ages, they are prone to dementia. This brain disorder makes their memory weaker by the second. Owners must put a lot of consideration towards aging dogs as they are cranky and fussy and might get agitated easily. Besides that, let your dog’s hearing get checked by a professional veterinarian to rule out hearing loss. Be gentle towards them and address them two or three times if they do not listen to the command in the first place.

The dog is improperly trained:

 Often the owners take too much pride in their training as, in reality, the canines are not that well trained. In this case, closely analyze your pup’s overall response. Mark out the commands that the dog positively responds to and the training it does not respond to. This way, you will be able to figure out where you need help. Purchase yummy treats that your dogs love and give them whenever they are being trained or commanded.

Your dog has underlying anxiety:

Dogs shut down completely during an anxiety attack. In fact, it is very common for this specie to get distant from their owners whenever anxious thoughts start coming. Add anxious moments apart from stopping talking to people; the dogs also start shaking, put their tails between their legs, howl, and get into a stationary position. Dogs can get anxious for several reasons. However, the following are the highly common reasons behind a dog panic attack:

  • Dogs get extremely stressed around Loud noises; for instance, fireworks and construction work sounds are the scariest for them.
  • Dogs fear abandonment, especially when you enter canine goes out of the house.
  • If children or other pets in the house upset them.
  • If the pet owner has scolded or yelled at the canine.

The dog has faulty hearing

Hearing can be hindered or loses its quality for several reasons. Usually, the dog is an animal known for its elevated senses especially hearing. However, certain illnesses, genetics, or age reduces the canine’s ability to hear or respond. If your dog ignores your commands frequently even though it is trained to follow its name, chances are the hearing ability is not up to the mark. Upon finding a faulty hearing, you should consult a vet as soon as possible so that a probable treatment plan can be ruled out.

5 tips for stopping your dog from ignoring you.

Give your dog an energy outlet:

Just like humans, dogs need time to themselves. Therefore, you must give them space and let them regain their energy. From time to time, your four-legged friend would want time to itself where it would recharge its energy and get overanxious thoughts. Once the phase is over, it will return to the same cheerful old self and act happily again. You can reduce the distancing span in canines by being polite, gentle, and considerate. Make their favorite food, take them to their favorite spaces, and spend as much time as possible with them.

Bond with the canine:

This tip is intricated with the above tip bonding with your pet dog is very important because he is “just my baby dog” at the end of the day. Lol, just kidding; I love this song, and it’s so addictive I can not take it out of my mind. Anyways, show love and respect to your canine and try to show physical bonding with them from time to time. Even if the dog is new, with love and attention, you will be able to teach it to pay attention to you. The pup has all his life ahead of him to learn new skills and commands from the pet parent, so try to be friends with them first and gain their trust.

Do not cram the commands:

If you see a dog doing one thing right during the training, stop imposing another command quickly as it will cause phasing out in them. Besides that, do not start cramming orders one after the other, especially without providing canines with treats in between. Afterward, if your dog has learned to do things in the queue, you can try cram commands. However, keep things simple and easy to understand for the dogs.

Buy treats that your dog loves:

Dogs of all sizes and ages love treats and snacks. Therefore, we advise you to keep treats in hand whenever training a dog. Even if your dog is still not listening to you, always command them with a treat, as it will help you settle a habit. Besides that, encourage the dogs to eat the treat from your palm. This way, dogs will mark their scent on your body and listen to you whenever you are being called.

Rule out medical emergencies:

Since your dog can not speak, you have to pay intention to your dog’s health and check for illnesses and ailments before taking them to the doctor. As mentioned before, the dog tends to go into deep isolation when going through an illness. Check whether your dog is eating its food or not. Besides that, check the poop as it can also tell you a lot about the dog’s health.


If you wonder Why is my dog ignoring me all of a sudden? Here are a few underlying reasons behind your dog’s sudden ignorance. Canines are loving pets that are very considerate towards their owners but at times certain events lead them to feel more secluded and distant from their human beings. In this article, we have also sourced a  few tips that would help you in regaining the bond with your pet dog.

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