why does my dog pee after a bath?

Have you ver wondered why does my dog pee after a bath? Dogs are very loyal to humans, especially their pet parents. They love their owner and want to be loved. They want to be part of the pack, contribute to it, and want to protect them. Money can purchase you the best dog but what makes him loyal is your love and care. Dogs aren’t our whole life; however, they make our lives whole. Your dog is the only one in this world who loves you more than he loves himself. So being a pet parent, you must take care of your puppy. Make them feel happy and safe with you. You should know about the behaviors of your dog. No doubt dogs are cute, but sometimes they do weird things that might make you worry. Like you may wonder why my dog pees after a bath.

The short answer to this question is that it could be due to health or age-related problems. At this point, it’s important to understand the dog’s mind and behavior. You should know that your dog may suffer from health and age-related problems. So, it is important to figure out the problem and try fixing it.

Reasons Why Does My Dog Pee after a Bath

There are some reasons why dogs pee after a bath. They could be some behavioral issues or some medical issues. So, let’s dig into these reasons and find suitable solutions to prevent such issues.

Medical issues

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition in which dogs cannot control their pee. In this condition, your dog tends to leak pee involuntarily. So, if you find your dog goes to the bathroom frequently or pees right after the bath. Then it could be because of this condition. You must contact your vet and inform him about your dog’s condition so that he can help your dog on time.


Diabetes could be another reason why dogs pee right after a bath. The ailment causes your dog’s body to store unhealthy sugar called glucose. Due to insufficient or inappropriate amounts of insulin, glucose leaks into the urine. This could cause excessive urination. Due to diabetes, your dog could pee right after a bath. A vet can help in this type of situation.

Kidney problems/disease

Kidneys are very helpful in maintaining healthy blood pressure and stopping fluid loss. Toxins are removed from the blood through urination by the kidneys. When your dog’s kidneys are having some problems and not performing well, he could face some difficulties. In this type of disease need for drinking water could be increased, and your dog can urinate frequently. Your dog can pee during the bath or right after the bath. You should take such conditions seriously and take your pet to the veterinarian for immediate help.

Behavioral issues

Lack of training

Dogs can pee anywhere and anytime it is in their behavior.  Due to a lack of training, they continue these types of behaviors. Training teaches a dog how to behave well and when and where to pee and poop. Being a pet parent, you must consider training your dog to behave well and when and where to pee and poop. So answer to this question, why does my dog pee on the floor after a bath? This is due to a lack of training. You should train your dog so that he can behave well.

Your dog may hate baths.   

Some dogs usually hate baths. They don’t want to go to the bathroom for a long bath because they don’t like it. In some dogs, long baths can activate fight-and flight-responses in your dog. Due to that, he pees right after the bath.

Fear or anxiety

In dogs, fear and anxiety could be the behavioral reasons which lead them to pee after a bath. Due to fear or anxiety, dogs can pee anywhere in their behavior, so if your dog is afraid of anything, maybe he is afraid of bath so he can pee during or after a bath.


Emotions play a vital role in your dog’s behavior and his bladder. When your dog is stressed for some reason, he could be very sensitive to anything. Even if you give him a nice long bath and he is stressed, he could pee right after a bath.

Marking territory

Marking territory through peeing is also a common behavior in dogs. By urinating, they wanted to tell their owners they were there. This happened due to lack of training. Pet owner should train their dogs not to do such things by teaching them when and where they’ll pee.

How to prevent your dog from doing such behaviors

Here are some how to stop a dog from peeing after a bath or in the house
1. Please visit a veterinarian if you find any medical issues.
2. Spay or neutering your dog is a good idea to prevent your dog from peeing anywhere.
3. Training is the best option. It would help if you taught your puppy when and where he should pee.
4. Give him plenty of breaks for pee/potty.                                                                                                    5. Identify the causes of anxiety, stress, or fear and eliminate them.
6. Calm the fuss.
7. Introduce new things with caution.

8. Keep him inside the house in bad weather.                                                                                                                                            

Why do dogs act weird after a bath?

Dogs could act weird after a bath because after the bath, the dog trembles with relief. He tries to dry him up by shaking or rolling around. After a bath, he tries to get rid of that strange new smell of shampoo. It may be a release of nervous energy, or it may be just joy. Whether you call it weird or a freak, dogs usually do post-bath hyperactivity. Your dog could act weird after a bath, but no need to worry about it as it is quite normal.

How often should a dog be bathed?

Bathing once a month is usually sufficient if your dog has a healthy coat and healthy skin. You should not bathe your dog more than once a week if not recommended by your veterinarian. It can dry out the skin and damage the coat. We recommend bathing your dog at least once every 2-3 months enough.

On the other hand, there are some signs when your dog needs a bath:
1. your dog has dandruff.
2. Your dog stinks.
3. Fleas, lice, or ticks can be found on your dog’s coat.
4. Your dog ​​has some allergies.
5. Your dog is dragging its back on the carpet.

6. Your dog left muddy or dirty footprints in your home.

Bottom lines

It is important to understand why my dog pees after a bath. Are there any medical issues, or should it just a normal dog’s behavior be changed? Peeing indoors or after a bath can be associated with several issues that should be figured out to keep your dog under control in such behaviors. Remember, dogs forget what they did before, so it’s important to stay calm and relaxed when telling your dog not to do it again. Your calm and loving behavior trains them very fast.

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