how to eliminate shyness in dogs
how to eliminate shyness in dogs

Being a pet parent, you must wonder how to eliminate dogs’ shyness and make your canine comfortable in different social situations. In this article, we’re going to discuss some tips and tricks which prove useful in helping a shy dog gain confidence. 

When it comes to shyness in dogs, a canine develops the trait during its developmental stage due to a lack of proper introduction to different people and animals. Sometimes dog develops this issue due to emotional trauma or physical abuse. Keep in mind that shyness can be very dangerous as it can lead to aggression and biting.

The best way to help your dog is by exposing him to situations. Keep in mind that you need to keep positive associations. You can combine that exposure with something positive, as you can give him a tasty treat.

Let’s talk about some tips and tricks to help a shy dog gain confidence/ how to eliminate shyness in dogs.

Find out the reason for fear/shyness.

First, you need to find out the cause of why your dog is shy around strangers or other dogs and what makes your pup anxious or shy. Make a list of all the people and places that your canine is trying to escape. Try to understand what your dog is telling or triggering. Is he hiding under the bed? Or he shakes? Or cry?

Be gentle and polite towards your dog when trying to manage his fears. It can be tough in the beginning, but with time, you can manage his shyness.

Build a strong bond with your puppy

Like other relationships, it takes time to earn your puppy’s trust. Trust is the main key to a strong bond. You must earn your pup’s trust and build a strong bond with him so that he feels safe and comfy with you. Focusing on what he wants rather than what you think is best for him is important. This attitude strengthens your bond with your dog. And he will let you know what he likes and what fears him.

Introduce him to different people and animals

To build up your doggy’s confidence, it is crucial to introduce him to different people and animals. And make sure that you can control the situation. Take your doggy outside with you so that he can make friends and socialize. Smaller steps like these are the best way to help a shy dog gain confidence.

Training is best for building confidence.

Training is the best way to build confidence in your dog. You have to teach your dog obedience skills to know how to behave well and get praise and treats. This will enhance their level of confidence.

How to eliminate shyness in dogs? Take him to the park.

how to eliminate shyness in dogs

It would help if you took your dog with you for a walk. First, it will strengthen your bond with your puppy and, secondly, help your dog to meet with other puppies and people. He can make new friends, which will help him reduce his shyness.

A puppy party:

Many pet parents want to know why their dog is shy around other dogs and how they can help him. The easy answer to this query is to throw a small puppy party. At this party, invite friendly puppies and dogs and make sure you have everything under control. This will help your puppy to interact with other puppies and make new friends.

Why my dog is so shy and scared all the time? 

how to eliminate shyness in dogs

Dog parents wonder why their pet is timid, shy, or scared of something or someone. Did they want to know how to eliminate shyness in dogs? The answer is that fear is common to all animals. Your dog might have experienced abuse or trauma at an early age that scared him. Moreover, the fear also stems from genetics or a lack of experience with specific situations. You can help him with the tips and tricks discussed above. These tips will eliminate their shyness and strengthen your bond with your furry friend.

How to help a timid rescue dog?

Most dogs are rescued from the streets, which is why these canines have never experienced real human love. You can follow these tips, which are helpful for in eliminating shyness in dogs.

1. Give him much space to adjust to a new environment.

2. Let him decide when to interact.

 3. Be careful while petting him because your touch could scare him.                     

4. You can bring him some toys to play with. You can play with him if he likes the idea of playing together

 5. Give him plenty of treats. This will strengthen your bond with h

6. Train him to behave well.

What are the signs of a timid puppy? 

Here are some signs of a timid puppy:

  1. Hide or retreat in another room.
  2. Sit in the corner of a room and maintain a distance from you.
  3. Fold his ears flat against his head.
  4. Tuck his tail between his back legs.
  5. Avoid making eye contact.
  6. Improper urination.
  7. Excessive panting.

Now the question is will a shy puppy grow out of it?

The quick answer to this is “yes,” your puppy will grow out of this eventually. But it could take some time, so you must be patient. Some dogs have a genuine fear or aggression. Now, this is something they cannot overcome without help. At this stage, you have to play a vital role in being a true companion to help them overcome these fears. With your little extra love and care, you can help them to fight their fears. Dogs are true and loyal companions of humans, so it is our duty to take care of our furry friends in their dreadful situations. And try to solve their issues, whether it’s mental or physical.

how to eliminate shyness in dogs? Let’s have a look at shy dog breeds.

Dogs are brave, but there are some breeds of dogs who despise boldness and bravery and can get scared or agitated quickly. Let’s take a look at shy dog breeds.

  1. Maltese
  2. Papillon.
  3. Vizsla.
  4. Mastiff.
  5. Akita Inu.
  6. Yorkshire terrier.
  7. Greyhound.
  8. Norfolk terrier.
  9. Great Dane.
  10. Dalmatian.
  11. Chihuahua.
  12. Whippet                                                                                                                                                               

Final words

In the end, I would like to say that anxious/scared and shy dogs don’t need comfort as humans do. And human companions don’t need to share their fears. Anxious/fearful dogs need calm and confident owners who can help them to overcome their fears. Even though we can’t tell our dogs that everything is fine through our words, we can always show them with positive actions and energy. You need to understand their changing behaviours and figure out why they are shy.  And you can follow these tips and tricks discussed above to eliminate shyness in dogs and help your dog overcome their fears. You can build up their confidence by training them.

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