happy mothers day todog mom
happy mothers Day to dog mom

Mother’s Day is a lovely event full of sentiment and love. Be it kids or pets, the devotion and love you need is the same for both. Every pet owner knows Pets need constant attention, care, and reassurance making them well-loved members of any household. The best way to celebrate your beautiful relationship with your pet is to cherish Mother’s Day and acknowledge your pet’s existence in your life. Many believe that Mother’s Day is just for kids and their mothers. However, I firmly believe any day that lets you cherish your hard work as a parent be it pet or human should be acknowledged and celebrated. In this article, I will discuss 5 ways through which you can make this happy mothers Day to dog mom extraordinary and help you make your dog’s day extra special and show them what love truly means. 

Take a day off!

happy mothers Day to dog mo

The best thing to do on Mother’s Day is to take off and spend quality time with your dog. Make sure that you and your doggo have a good night’s sleep and spend all day playing with them. Pets love their owners a lot therefore, their presence means more than the world to them. Mother’s Day is your time of relaxation where you can find ways to truly celebrate your role as a mama without the worry in the world. Taking an entire day off of work is a perfect way to say happy Mother’s Day to dog moms.

Cook your dog’s favourite meal:

happy mothers Day to dog mo

For me cooking my doggo a nutritional meal is the best way to celebrate your relationship with your pet. Arrange an entire day of cooking and baking nutrition treats and gourmet meals. Either create your recipes or find ones with high reviews to create an impeccable memory that your pet will cherish for years to come. Food is the love language for every dog and cat therefore use this day as an opportunity to showcase that bond with your pet. If you are new pet parents keep in mind to not include onion, garlic, chocolate, and xylitol. All these food items can make your dog extremely sick and may be fatal in some cases.

Capture your love through a photoshoot:

happy mothers Day to dog mo

The photo shoot is another great way to celebrate Mother’s Day as a pet mom. Arrange a meeting with a professional photoshoot of you and your dog or create the DIY props and make the day memorable. Through some hustles, you can create impeccable portraits that will lock your love for your dog for eternity. Moreover, you can also make it a yearly thing and cherish Mother’s Day with zeal and enthusiasm. Additionally, you can wear matching cheesy outfits, find a great outdoor location, or opt for playful poses to make this photoshoot memorable.

Take your dog to the swimming pool:

If you live in an area with a hot temperature, take yours to a dog swimming pool or waterpark. This will not only help your dog overcome the water fear but also relax them in hot weather. Several water parks in the country offer many fun activities that dogs enjoy, be a part of these activities with your fur baby and make Mother’s Day an event to cherish for the rest of your and your pet’s life. Before leaving, make sure you have packed essentials like towels, leashes, sweet treats, water, water toys, and a flotation device so that you can have fun without worrying about anything. If your dog is new to swimming, make sure that you help them overcome any phobia regarding water first so that they can enjoy without fearing for their life or making a scene. The Day to Dog Swimming Pool is the best way to say “Happy mothers Day to dog mom”.

Hike with your dog:

Embark on a scenic hike with your canine this Mother’s Day and experience the serenity of the outdoors like never before. Dogs love going out it is their instinct to explore the outside world, By arranging a hiking opportunity, you are not only fulfilling their innate instinct but also creating a chance to strengthen the bond between you and your canine. Choose a dog-friendly trail that suits your fitness level and your canine’s stamina so that both of you can enjoy the experience. Moreover, before hitting the trail, make sure to pack all the essentials including a sturdy leash, a GPS tracking device, water bottles for both you and your dog, treats, and everything that can make your life easier on the trip. 

Buy his favourite toy:

Gifts are an ideal way to show your dog how much he means to you. Let this Mother’s Day be a way to cherish your furry child’s existence in life. Be it a squeaky plushy, a chewable toy, or an interactive toy, choose something that brings excitement to your pet’s day. You can find the best deals on pet toys both online and in stores.  

Buy something customizable 

Customize your love for the doggo with a customizable token of appreciation.  Engrave your dog’s name on a necklace, create a pic collage, or get a printed mug with your dog’s face. Find a good jewelry piece like a necklace or ring that can be customized with your dog’s initials or picture and wear it to show your love and uncanny love for the furry baby. Besides jewelry, you can also customize other things like a photo frame, bedding, or a toy that carries your dog’s name, your face, any initial, or anything that honors your relationship with your four-legged friend. Get yourself a good dog mom mothers Day card or create one as a reminder of Mother’s Day this year. You can also print a shirt that says  “Happy mothers day to the best dog mom”.

Have a spa day:

happy mothers Day to dog mo

Arrange a relaxing evening for your dog and you. Find a spa that can entertain both you and your pet and have a grooming day dedicated to just you and your canine. Many spas offer special Mother’s Day discount deals that can transform the entire experience while not breaking the bank. Schedule the appointment a few days before Mother’s Day approaches and enjoy unbothered. Lastly, it is also important to not go for spa services if your dog has social anxiety as it can trigger fear and helplessness in canines.


Mother’s Day is an honoring day for all that a mother does for her family. When it comes to your family, dogs are a big part of your household. In this article, I have talked about ways through which you can celebrate Mother’s Day and make it a special event for both you and your pet. Encapsulate the memory of Mother’s Day this year and lock it for eternity to come.

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