Why do cats bring home dead prey
Why do cats bring dead prey

If you are a cat lover, you are already convinced that cats are the cutest. Their cute eyes and soft furry look make your day. But sometimes they do things that you might never expect. Something like bringing home their dead prey. You might wonder why cats bring home dead prey. Cats do such a thing because they often cannot resist the thrill of hunting and eagerly pursue prey. The biggest reason cats bring dead animals to you is because they treat you as family and gift their prey to their clan.

 Cats are carnivores and have a hunting instinct. As you might know, among the lions, the lioness forms a pack to hunt prey and deliver it to the cubs, while the male lion guards the pack. Even though other cats are solitary, females of that breed still share food with their offspring and teach them to hunt. Your cat probably thinks you are an inexperienced hunter. That’s why they offer you their dead prey. They try to teach you how to hunt like them.

Let’s find out some other reasons Why do cats bring dead prey:

It’s in their kitty gene

Hunting is in cats’ DNA. Although your kitty is not a callous killer, they still like to use its instincts. Well, at least not on purpose. The truth is that your feline companion is an experienced hunter, and the thrill of chasing prey is normal behavior. After eating a particularly tasty dinner, your cat will take it to a safe place, such as a burrow or secluded area of ​​bushes or grass or your porch, to enjoy the meal.

Why do cats bring dead prey: Practicing hunting skills

Practicing hunting skills is another dominant reason for such behavior. For example, she is giving you the fun experience of having to catch a mouse roaming freely in the kitchen. It’s about practicing their hunting skills exactly as the cat was taught. Stray cats and mothers of feral cats often bring live or injured prey back to their kittens so that they practice the same skill in adult life. This is one of the prominent reasons why all cats bring you to live animals. It might look award to the owners; the truth is the cats only teach their offspring life skills.

 Sharing with you

why do cats bring home dead prey? Well, it is a clear fact that cats are pack animals. This leads them to share meals with their family. If you have a single cat, it will see you as part of the pack and want to share its prey with you. If cats want to share something with you, they will find all the right ways to do it. They can bring loot to you and drop it at your feet.

 Why do male cats bring home dead animals?

The best answer to this frequently asked question is that bringing dead animals is part of their survival instinct. Besides that, felines may capture prey when they’re not starved but don’t want to waste food. So, they bring home their prey and save it for later; the felines want to feast on it some other time.

 Why do cats bring dead prey like birds? 

Cat owners create a firm bond with their pets over the course of years of togetherness. And as we’ve already discussed, hunting and sharing meals with family is in cats’ DNA. Cats consider you their family, so your cat brings you a dead bird as a gift. One of the popular questions that are jamming search engines is why do cats bring you dead animals Reddit, especially rats and birds? To cut it short, you must know that it is their way of showing love for you. You are a noble pack member, and your tiny ball of fur loves you.  

What does it mean when a cat brings you a dead mouse?

For cats, the mouse is a delicious treat, and by leaving the dead mouse at the front door, the cat is fulfilling its natural role as mother and teacher. She presents a gift in the form of a dead mouse to her loving surrogate family. Because she knows you could never catch this tasty mouse by yourself.

 How do I stop my cat from bringing home dead animals?

If you don’t want dead animals at your home, you must keep your cat indoors. Otherwise, it won’t stop. The best way to prevent further transportation of a dead pet is to keep the cat indoors, caged, or on a leash. Cats don’t just kill small mice. They roam outdoors and kill birds and other small species important to the ecosystem. It also increases the chances of your cat contracting diseases such as toxoplasmosis and rabies. It is a serious problem that cats are considered an invasive species. Wildlife advocates want cat parents to take action and understand the negative effects of allowing kittens to roam freely. Please keep the cat indoors.

The outside world is full of distraction and temptation, but the best way to keep your cats happy, active, and healthy is to feed them well inside the house. According to their behavior, all cats need some opportunities to engage with others.

Here are some things you can do to stop them from bringing dead animals home:

1. Bring them toys that your cat can chase, pounce on, grab, chew and jump on.

2. Use old boxes to build puzzles and mazes, and poke holes here and there to hide sweets.

3. Buy cat perches or scratching posts (or make your own!) to place them at different heights in the room,
4. Consider building a Catio in your garden for a safe time outdoors.

What is the Spiritual meaning of cat bringing bird?

If you wonder Why do cats bring dead prey? The true meaning of it is that cats bring a captured animal to you, whether alive or dead; they consider you part of the family. And these important life-saving skills must be passed on to their families. This is her way of saying she loves and cares about you. Cats always appreciate their human companions. The second reason cats bring presents is because they want to be praised.


Cats are amazing friends we love and have fun with and want us to share their love too. Having your cat bring you dead animals is quite a compliment, too. According to Anita, a feline behaviorist, cats bring the prey they hunt. At a place of safety, comfort, and security, your pets are like a part of your family; of course, you want them to keep safe, healthy, and happy at any cost. Keep your cats at home. As a pet parent, it’s important to understand your pet’s behaviors, especially strange ones like why cats bring home dead prey. You need to understand their body language and their needs. You can fulfill them and make them happy and comfy with you.

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