how to stop my cat from bullying other cats
how to stop my cat from bullying other cats

Almost all cat owners at one point wonder how to stop my cat from bullying other cats. You surely look for quick and effective solutions to stop that behavior. If you are one of those people, here is a detailed article that will prove very helpful for you and answer all your questions. From psychological analysis to remedies, this guide will help you in tackling a genuine feline concern,

Cats are no doubt so cute. You feel happy and complete with them. But sometimes, these cute creatures do weird things you can’t ignore.

Here, I will share some tips and tricks to handle your cat’s bad behavior. And let us find an answer to how to stop my cat from bullying other cats. Before going further, you know about the signs of cat bullying. You should be able to understand your furry friend’s body language and be able to solve the problem.

Some common signs of cat bullying

how to stop my cat from bullying other cats

It can be difficult to distinguish between a playing cat and a fighting cat. Play can include jumping, chasing, hissing, and lightly clapping each other.

If your cat hisses or growls when other cats are nearby or getting too aggressive, chances are your loving pet is showing good proof of bullying. On the other hand, if your kitty behaves fearfully, hides, pees in inappropriate places, or poops, it is trying to show you her fearfulness or submissive actions. You must pay more attention to understand your pet’s body language. Some common signs of bullying are:

  • Staring
  • Hissing
  • Biting
  • Creeping
  • Clawing
  • The aggressive stance, hunched back, tail puffed, ears tilted or flattened, pupil

Let us dig into that signs in detail for better understanding.

The cat hiss, growl, or stare:

Hissing and growling could be signs of bullying. It would help to be alert when you discover these signs in your cat. These are the signs you can’t ignore. You have to find out the reasons and solve the problem. Or else it could be worse to handle.

The cat scratch or bite other cats

Is your cat bite or scratch other cats? It could be a prominent sign of intimidation. Cats may playfully bump, scratch, and bite when playing, but they usually do not get hurt. If your cat frequently attacks or hurts other cats without provocation, this is a sign that she is not just playing, but bullying

The bullying cat blocks access to food:

One of the most vivid signs of a bully cat is that it would do everything to block other cats’ access to food and litter. The intimidating feline tries to stop you from spending time with your other cat and ensures that all your love and attention is given to it. If you catch your cat doing this, recognize that this is often a trial to bully other pet cats in the house.

The bully feline tries grooming other cats.

Excessive grooming is also a sign of bullying. Suppose you notice your cat getting angry and licking other cats. You need to know that it’s a sign that it might be trying to get control over them. This shows how one feline can push other cats out of the room. This behavior is called power grooming.

The behavior of bullied cats

Some common behaviors in bullied cats are as follows:

  • Hiding in odd places.
  •  Pee constantly.
  • Pooping everywhere in the house.

When you notice one of your cats frequently hides from the other cats and that it pees or poops outside the litter box. These are all signs that show that your cat is afraid. Bullied cats may stop eating or eat less. It is very important to know about the changing behaviors of your pet so that you can help them on time.

Reasons why a cat bullies other cats

Have you ever wondered, ‘why does my cat keep bullying my other cat?’ Some reasons behind this behavior are discussed here.


Cats are hunters and prefer to stay within their territory to find food and resources. If another cat enters the house, they may see that cat as a threat or rival for its resources. As a result, they may start bullying this cat to protect their habitat.

Try to establish dominance:

Older cats try to establish their dominance over younger ones. When your cat reaches social maturity between 2 and 4, it may attempt to claim dominance over younger cats or newly adopted kittens.

Your attention

Your attention is all your cat wants. Cats are not immune to feeling insecure and needing more love. When they discover that you’re giving more attention to another cat, your cat may act out and try to get your attention back. You might think about why does my cat keep bullying my other cat? The answer is jealousy. They are jealous of your other cat and want your attention.

Anxiety or stress

Anxiety and stress could be another reason your cat starts bullying other cats. A change in environment can cause stress in cats. Moving to a new place or adopting another cat makes your cat aggressive. This type of change can make your new cat anxious and nervous. Cats often communicate these feelings through bullying and aggressive behavior.

How to stop cat bullying?

Have you ever wondered how to stop your cat from bullying other cats? Here is some advice for preventing cat bullying.

Separate your cat from other cats:

Please separate your cats. Give each cat its room with a separate feeding area, litter box, and toys. This way, the concept of dominance will be kept at bay, and all your pet cats can live in harmony.

Reintroduce your cats:

It is another tip for preventing cat bullying. Reintroduce your cats after some time. If your cat responds well to reintroduction, give it a tasty treat to encourage good behavior.

Redirect your cat’s direction:

Divert your cat’s attention with a toy or quality treat. It would help if you did not punish your cat. Redirection can stop bad behavior. Redirect your pets by giving them plenty of tasty treats. Redirecting your furry friends can reduce bad behaviors.

Give equal attention to all pets:

Give your cat the same attention and play with them every day. More attention from you will lower the risk of aggression in cats, and it will stop bullying other members of its specie. Give each cat their playtime if they are not close enough to play together. Your love and attention make them happy. It also strengthens your bond with your pets.

Calm your aggressive kitty:

You have to calm your aggressive cat with love and care. Cats love their owners and want their love in return. It is a very good and effective tip to prevent bad behavior. No need to worry about how to stop my cat from bullying other cats. It would be best if you calmed her down. All you need to do is give your furry love a little more attention and love.

Neuter or spay your cats:

Neutering your cats can stop aggression and bullying. This procedure has many other health benefits too. You should contact your veterinarian to schedule the procedure if any of your cats are unneutered.

Consult with a cat behaviorist:

If the problem persists, consult a cat behaviorist because getting a professional’s help is important. Timely help from a good veterinarian can resolve all your feline’s issues.

Final words

In the final lines, I would recommend patience to pet parents. I hope the detailed article has answered your question about how to stop my cat from bullying other cats. Your kittens may not be best friends with each other so soon. But by patiently working together to achieve at least some basic courtesy. You can create a happy and harmonious home for everyone. Take good care of your pets. And try to understand their body language as they always try to communicate with you.

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