Are you a cat lover? and do you want to know how to calm down a cat in the car? Then you should have known about theirlikes or dislikes especially when it comes to traveling. If you want to go on some long or short trip with your cat, or your cat is not a car lover, then you have to keep these things in your mind before taking your cat with you on vacation.

How to calm down a cat in the car

Is the cat scared of the car?

Most cats don’t like car rides, whether they are long or short. Some things that could irritate your cat in the car include car smell, horn sound, engine noises, and the scent of strange people. If your feline is scared of the car, you must make him calm like a cat owner. And how would you do that? I will discuss it briefly in this article, which may help you to calm your pet during car rides.

How to calm down a cat?

Traveling in the car with your cat could be difficult for you. Some cats become very nervous in unfamiliar situations, and they might get sick and starts meowing loudly. Some tips and tricks will help you calm down your cat and help your cat stay calm, which can make your ride less stressful for you and your cat. If you are traveling later in the day, you must know how to calm a cat down at night otherwise the trip can go badly.

Introduce your cat with a familiar carrier

Taking your cat with you in a standard carrier during your car ride is a good way. But before that, you should know that if you are introducing him to a new carrier unfamiliar to him, that would be a difficult situation for you. So before taking your cat with you, leave the carrier in your house for at least a week before using it. Place something that has the familiar scent of your cat, like his comfort bed or some other item. You can also put some cat treats there. if you are traveling in summer season, be aware of how to calm down a cat in heat. Besides that, always spread some cat litter at the bottom of the carrier so that you cat can pee or poop anytime it wants.

Friendly smells

Another way to help you is to put a pleasant smell in the car, which can help keep your cat calm. Take some things close to your cat, like his toys, food bowl, travel-sized litter, and favorite bedding or blanket in which he spends most of his time. These things will drive the car. You should also know how to calm a cat in carrier when it comes to friendly smells.

Play with your cat before leaving the house.

Try to play with your cat to make him tired so he gets sleepy. Encourage your cat to chase his favorite toys and run around the house. It will consume your cat’s energy so that he will be less energetic in the car. It will help you make your cat calm during your ride.

Take your cat on a test drive.

If your cat does not like traveling, you have to ensure his comfort before taking him with you because it might make him sick. Before taking him on a long drive, you have to take him on a short test drive to make him comfortable in the car. Put your cat in his carrier and take your kitty on a test drive. This will help your feline to stay calm and composed during the journey.Be extra aware if you are driving with a cat loose in car as it might lead to serious repercussions.

Stay near your cat.

Some cats stay calmer during drives when sitting near someone close and familiar to them. This way, when your cat feels nervous, that person could soothe him with his comforting hand, which will calm your cat. If you are not driving, the best thing is to sit next to your cat and talk to him softly to make him comfortable.

Play music for the cat in the car

If your cat is a music lover, that will make him stay in his comfort zone. Playing background music can help some cats when they are used to listening to music at home. It will make the environment friendly for them. So, it will be a good idea to have some soft background music to calm your cat while driving.

Drive carefully

As mentioned before, cats are not like traveling, so it can be comfortless for you and your cat when you drive your car carelessly. So, keep it in your mind before traveling that your pet with you dislikes drives, so don’t drive in a rush and ignore the speed bumpers carefully. It may make your cat afraid. 


So, this detailed article concludes that your pet’s comfort is your pet’s first priority. Avoid those things driving with your pets that can make them nervous and uncomfortable. It is safest to take your pet to the vet before traveling so he can suggest some medication and what is important for your pet during the travel. Because uncomforted cute cats can worsen your drive, keep these things in your mind before taking your kitties with you. Know all the dos and don’t of how to calm a cat in the car so that your trip goes safely.

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