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Cats are completely different from dogs in every aspect. Dogs love going outside to poop and pee, whereas cats like doing their business in the house. The best cat litter keeps your house fresh and scented throughout the day. The product contains odor control, low tracking, minimal dust output, and easy cleaning for the cat parents. As felines cannot ease themselves in the toilet, finding litter lets them defecate while controlling the odor is important.

Purchasing a cat litter without research can turn into a big problem. As the online marketplace is filled with different options, cat parents can find it difficult to choose the product that ticks all the right corners.

Best Scented Litter Best Scented Litter Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze
  • Weight:14 pounds
  • Scent:Mountain Spring
  • Litter Material :Clumping Clay
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Most Inexpensive LItter Most Inexpensive LItter Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter
  • Weight:18 pounds
  • Scent:Unscented
  • Litter Material :Clay
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Eco-friendly Litter Eco-friendly Litter ÖKOCAT Natural Wood Clumping Litter
  • Weight:14.8 pounds
  • Scent:Unscented
  • Litter Material :Wood
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Longest Odor controlling span Longest Odor controlling span Arm and Hammer Platinum cat litter
  • Weight:18 pounds
  • Scent:Unscented
  • Litter Material :Clumping Clay
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11 Best Cat litter in the Online Marketplace

Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze (best clumping cat litter)

This cat litter would absorb the litter smell with its Febreze scent. This easy-to-scoop litter is all you need for your felines. According to the manufacturer, the litter can lock odor for up to 10 days and block ammonia smell. It has a low dust profile that keeps allergies at bay. Besides that, the formula of this litter is highly scoopable, making it perfect for absorbing liquid.

Moreover, it has activated charcoal particles preventing bacterial infection and odor from moving in the air. Different Febreze scents are available in this cat litter that keeps your house fresh and your cat in a playful mood. I have sued the product for over six months, and I can tell you with my experience that it is the best any litter can get. It is easy to change and non-transferable. I would highly suggest the product to people who don’t like changing the litter every day.



  • It has a fresh scent
  • It is easier to clean.
  • Cats love it.
  • It is not low-tracking.

Precious Cat Unscented Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

With various sizes, this cat litter is perfect for every feline breed. The litter clumps perfectly and easily and traps the odor particles. It is also easy for the users to scoop out the litter and discard it without much hassle. The manufacturer assures that it is 99.9% dust-free and offers low tracking. It is much cheaper than other cat litter products in product weight and quality. DR. Bruce Elsey is a famous cat-only doctor who has offered their services as a veterinarian for over 35 years. Due to his excellent services, he recently launched a very exciting range of cat litter and litter box supplies. He has also introduced a fine range of cat foods. Dr. Elsey’s main goal is to help the cat owners provide a better life for their felines. Its overall not the worst cat litter and you should give it a try.



  • Cheap.
  • 99.99% dust-free.
  • Easy to scoop out of the box.
  • Does not control odor effectively.

Fresh Step Advanced Simply Unscented Clumping Cat Litter, Recommended by Vets

This cat litter is recommended by vets and has also been praised by all cat owners. Compared to the other formulas, this one can trap odor molecules and keep the house fresh for a longer span. It does not have added fragrances and dyes, thus making it the best hypoallergenic formula. The litter comes in two different sizes so that the customers can choose as per requirement. This litter option makes cat litter box cleaning faster and easier. It comes with Clump Lock technology that forms tight clumps and reduces stinky crumbles, making cat litter easy to scoop out. In our experience, our cats really like the texture of this litter and use it for pooping without any hassle. It is perfect for multiple cat households and does not require cleaning up every day.



  • Easy to scoop.
  • Controls odor.
  • Contains activated charcoal.
  • Expensive.

Boxiecat Pro Deep Clean, Scent Free, Probiotic Clumping Cat Litter

It is one of the best clumping litters in the online marketplace. In fact, Boxiecat cat litter was also awarded for its high workability in 2018. The litter contains a natural blend of probiotics that target waste. It is known to deep clean your litter on a microscopic level. The litter formula is completely hypoallergenic, as it does not contain added scents. Once the cats use this litter, the top flap hardens, making it easy for the owners to dispose of it. Although it is unscented, the cat litter keeps the space fresh and smell-free so that you can live in peace. When it comes to the granules of this cat litter, it is low tracking that doesn’t make it disperse all over the house. Besides that, the advanced formula of Boxiecat is very gentle on the paws of kitties. It also offers great value for money as the litter can be reused a few times.



  • Low tracking.
  • Soft on paws.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Does not fully conceal the odor.

ÖKOCAT Natural Wood Clumping Litter (healthiest cat litter)

It is the next-generation cat litter with clumping properties. The Okocat is exceptionally absorbent and stops odors. Besides that, it is less likely to attach to your cats’ fur or track through the living space. The formula contains wood fiber that sticks to the molecules and prevents smells from escaping into the air. It also absorbs the Ammonia. It is the low-dust cat litter that is created using clean wood fiber. Besides that, it also ensures that the litter does not make the box dirty for wild cats are using it. Unlike clay base litter, Okocat is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable. Moreover, it is also free from artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and GMOs. The disposal base comes in three different flavors so that the users can choose as per their liking and home environment.



  • Wood fiber base
  • Dust-free.
  • Biodegradable and compositable
  • Not a good option for senior cats.

LitterMaid Premium Corn Cob Litter, 9 Pound Bag, Clumping Formula (best cat litter for odor control)

Littermaid has created this litter option via corn cub, making it 100% organic. The company claims that the litter absorbs moisture 2-fold faster than any other litter on the list. It does not contain any scent, but not even a slight odor can escape the litter. Besides that, the litter comes in easy pour bags that can be resealable once used. In my opinion, resealable bags are a big positive point in a litter bag as they protect the litter from trapping moisture and remaining fresh. Besides that, this litter is cheaper than others on the list, making it likable by customers with more than one cat. The product is available in two sizes, i.e., 9 pounds and 18 pounds. Furthermore, it is great for cats belonging to all age groups, especially kittens. If you haven’t still used it, purchase the product soon.



  • Unscented.
  • Powerful clumping.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Tracks everywhere.

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Bundle Pads + Pellets Refills (best cat litter for kittens)

It is a perfect cat litter that keeps the house fresh even after your cat takes a dump right on your premises. Purina has been known for its high-end cat products in the market. This litter box refill is one of the most talked-about products. Upon each purchase, you will get over 6 pounds of litter which is enough for months of usage. However, this litter will only work well with the litter system. It can absorb moisture effectively and further cut back the smell of faeces or pee. The innovative all-in-one litter system facilitates you conquering odor by dividing liquids from solids using a modern pellet and disposable pads. Solidified poops remain in the grated tray; besides, the anti-tracking pellets ensure easy scooping and odor control.



  • Innovative technology
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cheap in price.
  • Odor control is not strong.

World’s Best CAT Litter Multiple Cat Unscented

It is indeed the best cat litter that can entertain multiple cat excrements. This world’s best cat litter review indicate that it can control odor for days keeping the space fresh and breathable. It is free of silica dust and has a lightweight consistency. Therefore, scooping this litter is much easier than others on the list. As I have over 4 cats in my house, buying a cat litter wasn’t easy. However, this cat litter changed our lives for good. Even if all my cats were using the same litter box, I still couldn’t smell any odor on my premises. The world’s best cat litter is naturally safe. It is created from whole-kernel corn with the presence of no harmful chemicals or synthetic scents. Besides that, it is perfect for all life stages, especially for adult felines.



  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Optimal odor control.
  • Perfect for all life ages.
  • It might cause allergies in some cats.

Arm and Hammer Platinum cat litter

The company claims that the litter has a 14-day odor control formula perfect for multiple cat households. The formula of this litter comes with an added Dander Shield Technology that assists in reducing dander in the air when scooped out, thus making cleanup easy for the parents. Arm and Hammer cat litter is an excellent hypoallergenic that keeps allergies at bay. The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to this cat litter formula as it contains an allergen-free fragrance that rules out 26 known scent allergens. Do not over pour it in the box as the company advise filling the litter box up to 2 to 3 inches with the litter. Overall, Arm and Hammer cat litter have a platinum packaging that makes the storage easy for the users.



  • Premium formula with 14-day odor control.
  • Dander free.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Expensive.

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter 24/7 Performance for Multiple Cats (best natural cat litter)

Tidy cat litter is the best option if you are on a budget. The litter has an advanced odor locking formula that keeps the litter box scented after your cat takes a dump. Purina claimed that this litter can control odor for 10 days, making it a longer-lasting option. I would highly recommend this cat litter option because it’s affordable and perfect for people who have multiple cats in the house. Each purchase will give you 35 pounds of litter with a roomy container. Another good thing about this cat litter is perfect for adult cats who have less control over their urine and feces. Besides that, as it is a dust-free option, you and your cat will not get an allergic reaction.



  • It is easy to scoop
  • It has a low dust profile.
  • Affordable.
  • Do not clump.

Ultra Pet Ultra Cat Litter

 The litter absorb urine quickly and is designed to keep the environment fresh and odor-free. The base of Ultra Cat litter is silica gel that evaporates the water leaving behind solid waste that gets mixed into the litter. You can use this litter for days before changing it over. The litter is non-toxic and soft for your cat’s paws. Another good thing about this feline disposal base is that it doesn’t create dust when being used or changed. Our experience with this litter was somewhat satisfactory. Although our cats loved using the litter, almost all of them tried to consume it, which made us go to ER again. We prefer flushable litter as it is much easier to dispose of as a family. However, as this litter contains silica, disposing of it off is out of the picture.



  • Litter lasts longer as it evaporates the moisture
  • Complete elimination of odor.
  • Low dust tracking.
  • Unsuitable litter for multiple cat households.

Types of Cat Litter:

There are many different types of cat litter available in the market. The varying base of litter can often confuse the owners when it comes to selecting the right product. Following are different cat litters available in the market that would make your ultimate choice much easier.

Corn litter:

It is a biodegradable and compostable litter option on the market. It is an extremely environmentally friendly option in the market. Corn letters are cheap and absorb the odor of cat excrements. Some cats do not like it as it might contain harmful herbicides which can cause irritable bowel syndrome.

Silica Litter:

It is a synthetic litter that is made from silicone gel. The product has gained massive attention from consumers in the last few years. The litter is made from quartz sand. These sand particles are then mixed with oxygen and water, thus making high absorbent crystals. Silica cat disposal is lightweight, dust-free, and the most hygienic option. On the other hand, this litter option can be extremely dangerous for cats as they might consume it.

Pine litter:

It is wood pellet litter. This alternative cat waste disposal has a pine scent and is the most environmentally friendly option. It hides the urine and faeces smell and has a cheaper price. On the other hand, it is a non-clumping litter that most cats do not like. Besides that, a few felines also consume it, which can cause a major respiratory issue.

Walnut base litter:

It’s another eco-friendly litter alternative that is made using crushed walnut shells. Walnut litter has the same texture as sand. However, it weighs lesser than the conventional option. If you are fond of cleaning the litter box frequently, we advise you to find walnut base litter as it is much cheaper and easy to clean. Although it is cheap and lightweight, walnut litter can lure rodents and insects. Besides that, it can also get mouldy.


This type of litter is made from recycled newspapers. Many manufacturers also use other ingredients with paper-like sawdust and old leaves. It is an environment-friendly option in the litter as it repurposes old newspapers. Besides that, it is also great for kittens and cats who have surgery. The biggest con of using paper litter is that it does not contain odor and needs frequent change.

Clay/sand litter:

Clay litter is one of the oldest forms of litter that has been used by the feline owners. Manufacturers sell both clumping and non-clumping clay litter. In fact, each brand of waste disposer has a slightly different formulation.

 The clumping cat litter has a natural odor of cutting ingredients. Its nanoparticles clump together when exposed to feline waste. When compared with non-lumping clay litter, it is less frequently changed and makes it 

Non-clumping sand cat litter, on the other hand, absorb moisture perfectly. It is also cheaper than other forms of litter. However, you must change it repeatedly because it gets dirty quickly and is non-environment friendly.

Buying factors to consider when buying cat litter:


Cat owners spend over $200 a year on cat litter; therefore, mindful decision-making is always suggested. Find a trustable litter option in the market that you can stick with for longer. Decides that, also find a little option that does not require a changeover every time the cat eases itself


Ideally, cat litter should fight all signs of odor. If you are allergic to scents and fragrances, stick with an odor-less litter option. Most of the options available in the market contain a very low scent profile making it bearable for the cat owners. Your main goal in searching for a good quality cat litter is that it should mask the smell of cat poop.


Most cat litters, especially those that clump, contain harmful chemicals such as Sodium Bentonite. These chemicals are contributing to landfills. Besides that, clumping litter can swell 12 times its original size when exposed to water, thus consuming extra space. Therefore, we advise you to find an alternate litter that can easily be flushed off in the toilet.


Finding the best cat litter can become difficult as there is so much competition these days. In this article, we have sourced a handy guide to help you purchase the top cat litter in the market. Besides that, we have also assembled the best 11 products you can find in the online marketplace.

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