Can dogs have Asian pear? Dogs can enjoy a vast number of fruits and vegetables therefore many dog owners keep asking if giving pears to their canine friend is a good idea. In this article, I am going to clarify the confusion and will clear your brain against all doubts about what to give your canine and what not to offer.

Are pears good for dogs?

Can dogs have Asian pear?

Although pears lie in the permissible category, it is still not advisable to give the dog this fruit. Dogs should consume a balanced diet to remain healthy and active. When it comes to Asian pear, it does not offer any nutrients essential for canines therefore, many believe that Asian pear should not be a part of their everyday diet. Moreover, the sweet delight is a great treat option for your canine. The high sugar level in pears can catch the attention of your dog and might make them like you. However, you must not give pears to a diabetic dog as his condition can get worse due to high levels of sugar. It is the answer for anyone who wants to know Can my dog eat pear?

Can pears be given to dogs? What are the risk factors:

Can dogs have Asian pear?

Can dogs have Asian pear? there are a few risk factors involved in feeding your doggo Asian pears. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

·      Unnecessary exposure to pesticides:

Pesticide poisoning can be fatal for canines therefore avoid feeding your dog’s foods that do no good for them. The Asian pears can contain pesticides and offering your dog the fruit every day can cause health issues.

·      Sugar content:

Can dogs have Asian pear? pears contain 16-17 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit making them dangerous for pooches, if your dog is suffering from diabetes, avoid offering them pears at all costs as it can disturb the blood sugar level of diabetic dogs especially when offered as a treat.

·      Choking hazard:

Can puppies eat pears? Pears can be especially bad for puppies due to the fear of choking. The puppy’s teeth are not strong enough to chew the pear. Therefore, baby dogs try swallowing the pieces you offer them thus increasing the chance of choking. The food pipe in puppies is also very narrow therefore you must offer very tiny bits to younger dogs.

·      Seed and core:

Anyone who wants to know Can dogs eat pear cores? Asian pear has a visible pit in it that can be poisonous if consumed by dogs. Cores contain a traceable amount of cyanide that can lead to death if consumed in large quantities. It is advised that you take out the pits before offering your furry baby this fruit. For anyone who wants to know Are pears poisonous for dogs? The answer is only the pit.

What is the best way to offer your dog pears?

Can dogs have Asian pear?

Anyone who wants to know Can dogs have canned pears? the best way to offer pear to the dog is in the form of sweet treats. Thinly slice pears and offer it to your doggie in between mealtimes. Make sure the Asian pears are ripened so that your dog might not face chewing difficulty while consuming this sweet delight. You can also offer canned Asian pear to your dog. However, make sure that the canned pears are thoroughly cleansed so that added sugar and preservatives are washed off from the surface of the pear before you canine consume it. Besides that, offer a very small size of the canned pear as it is sweeter than the normal pear.

Can dogs eat apple pears?

Asian pears are also known as apple pears. So, as we mentioned above, dogs can eat apple pears if offered in moderation. Talk to your vet and ask him to suggest the amount of consumption so that it doesn’t hurt your canine health.

 How to safely offer Asian Pear to your doggo?

Here is a step-by-step guide for offering Asian Pear to your four-legged canine:

Wash the pear thoroughly:

Wash your fruit with a cleanser or baking soda so that the pesticide can be cleansed off from your fruit. this way your dog will not be exposed to added chemicals or preservatives.

Take out the pit:

Scoop out the core of the fruit and make sure that you don’t do it in front of your dog. Your dog can miss the concept of the pits with chew toys. Toss it in a place where your dog cannot access it because even if pears won’t kill them, the pits surely can!

Cut the pieces:

Cut the pear into sizable pieces so that your dog does not choke while eating. Usually, dogs can get too excited while munching on sweet treats therefore you must ensure proper sizing of the food particles. Fruits are not the primary nutrient source to your dog therefore moderation and medium-sized slices are all that you need.

Limit the consumption:

Typically, younger, and small-sized dogs should be given only one to two small slices of pears. Whereas for larger dogs 5 to 6 slices of pears are enough. The limitation is very important because otherwise, it can cause obesity and diabetes in dogs.

Check with vet:

Communication with a veterinarian before choosing food items for your dog’s diet is very important. Important. Your canine’s vet knows the ins and outs of their health therefore checking with them before offering any food to them is a crucial step.

Can Asian pear give your canine diarrhea?

Can dogs have Asian pear?

Overfeeding the dog with a pear can upset the gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea. Sometimes an allergic reaction to the fruit can also cause watery poop in the hounds.  Always monitor the dog while offering a small amount of any new food including fruits like pears.

What fruits are good for your dog?

Can dogs have Asian pear?

Here is a list of fruits your dogs can eat and not have a worry about the world:

·      Watermelon:

Before giving the dog watermelon, take out all the seeds and offer small-sized pieces to the dog.

·      Cranberries:

Offer cleansed fruit to the dog. On the other hand, do not offer sauce or juice to the dog.

·      Cantaloupe:

Take away the peel and cut it into small pieces.

·      Raspberries:

Clean thoroughly before giving the dog this fruit.

·      Strawberry:

Remove stems and slice them into tiny pieces.

·      Banana:

Dogs are unable to digest the peel therefore give the dog raw item.

·      Pineapple:

Do not forget to peel the outside of the pineapple and cut it into a sizable piece.

·      Peaches:

Remove the hard pit present in the middle so that it doesn’t affect your doing in any way.

·      Mango:

Remove the pit of the fruit along with the peels as it can cause an upset GI tract.

·      Blueberries:

Cleanse thoroughly so that your dog does not get sick of the pesticides.

·      Apples:

Remove the pit and any sees present in the apple.


Asian pears also known as apple pears is a delicious fruits that is loved by people all over the world. However, the big question Can dogs have Asian pear? Read through the article and learn risk factors, amount, and dog-friendly fruits for your four-legged friends.  Be cautious about your dog’s health as wrongly chosen food items can cause serious health issues to the canine.

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