how to calm an overly excited dog

Dogs are naturally anxious; keeping them calm can be gruesome for the pet parents. Although you know your dog’s personality and playfulness, it can sometimes be difficult for your family and friends to understand your furry friends. Seeing your 9-pound rover jumping and mouthing your best friend is the last thing you want to see. There are six things to follow when visitors appear at your doorstep to control the guest doggo situation’. You might be scratching your head regarding How to calm an overly excited dog. Do not worry; I have covered all my bases in this article.

Stay composed and calm:

A great man once said: “the change begins with you””. You should learn to be calm and composed when tackling over-excited dog greetings, as your furry friend is good at reading your emotional response. Your dog will be naughtier if you get anxious and angry with your canine while welcoming a guest.

Politely greet your house guest while monitoring your canine’s behaviour. Handshaking, hugging, and kissing can encourage dog-mouthing; therefore, try to address the visitor from some distance. This way, your dog will show excitement while keeping his distance from your guests. Keep appreciating your dog on its best behavior. If you have to say no to a particular gesture of your dog, try to be as calm as possible so that the excitement doesn’t spark.

Socialize an overly excited dog:

It is the foremost step for dog training. If you do not want to be embarrassed by their excitement, I recommend active socialization of the dogs. If your dog interacts with you only, there is a chance it will not react well in front of new faces. Therefore, invite new friends and family regularly to your house so your canine does not get overly excited whenever a guest comes.

You can also take the puppy to a nearby dog-friendly spot. It can also contribute significantly to curbing social anxiety and unwanted behavior. Teach your dog to greet a new visitor calmly when out or with another person, like a handshake or hand licks. This way, you will build a good habit in your dog, allowing them to be more mannered in front of home visiting guests. When imitating good behavior, set a reward system to put your dog’s habits se

Use things to calm an overly excited dog:

Providing your canine with different things to calm the dog so that it does not go crazy when guests come is very important. Most dogs love to munch on the treat when they do something good. Similarly, if your dog remains composed and does not jump on the house guest, present them with their favorite treats as it will teach them to be calm while meeting new people. Some dogs also find comfort in their favorite toy and often engage them for hours. Another thing that you can do while learning how to teach your dog manners is to offer your dog some food when a visitor comes. You can be saved from significant awareness and a jumpy dog. Many dog parents also claim that giving your dog chew bones has proven a game changer. Their canine almost forgot about the guests and got distracted for hours.

If you notice a prolonged anxious response in your canine upon meeting new people and while learning to greet a new dog, I advise you to visit your vet and check your four-legged friend. Sometimes abnormal and uncontrollable behavior is an introductory call for help because pets cannot talk. On a general note, if all is well, you can also use a gentle collar that controls the pheromones of your canine while keeping them happy and relaxed. Besides that, you should also learn how to teach the dog to greet other dogs calmly.

Give your dog some space!

Just like human beings, dogs also need space to relax. If your dog doesn’t have its place at home, he will likely bother you and the guest. Set one area of your living space for your pooch with his favorite bedding and toys and train them to use it whenever required. In this situation, if a guest appears, you can always command your furry child to go to their space until the guest leave. You will be surprised that trained dogs are more understanding than untrained individuals. Your furry canines can go to any length to keep you happy.

Be in control of the situation:

Most of us make the familiar mistake of believing that dogs have their say in exciting situations. Dogs love to follow the command of their human parents because of the uncountable love and affection in their hearts. Whenever your friends and family decide to visit you, try to be in charge and practice commands beforehand. You and your hound are in this together, taking complete charge of your canine’s actions. Even if the doggo shows hyper behavior with one visitor, try to take it as a learning curve and teach regarding the changes your want to see next time. Remember that your dog has an individual personality that needs to be acknowledged by the parents; therefore, every owner should train as per the nature of their pet.

Practice makes the pup perfect:

Do not feel worried or confused if your dog shows unwanted behavior in front of guests because the practice can help you two to resonate with each other’s energy. Pets are more like your kids, making them needy of your love and uncountable affection. Keep practising your best behavior with your dogs every day. You will notice positive outcomes in them within weeks to come. You can install a calm demeanour rapidly into young dogs, whereas older dogs might not get trained that easily.


hope we have answered our question, ‘how to calm an overly excited dog? I know an excited dog when guests arrive at your home can seem gruesome, but you can control the situation with little effort. In this article, I have started a few ways that would allow you to keep your dog calm and composed when someone new comes to your house.

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